Clouds, when neoclassical piano meets chillout music

24 February 2021
snow in prague cover art
Snow in Prague, new single out January 2021
24 December 2020
Earth song by Fabio di Biase
A song about ‘Earth’
28 September 2021
A few weeks ago the great English DJ Gary B contacted me. He is well known for his work producing music and DJ'ing for the famous brand Cafe Del Mar (Ibiza). His contributions to their compilation albums either under his own name or that of Luminous has established him as one of the leading music producers in the chillout genre.
He was impressed by my song "Nuvole", probably heard in the editorial Spotify playlist "Atmospheric Piano", and was interested in making a remix.
I was honored to receive such a collaboration proposal and I had no doubts. It would have been a great adventure to do right away! I am a neoclassical composer and pianist, and I write mainly in neoclassical or contemporary classical genre, but I think it is wrong for a composer to label himself and always remain within a genre. Because doing so it does not allow you to grow and despite my venerable age (this year I am 45! arghhhh ) I still have a great desire to reach new ideas and new sounds.
Joining the creativity of the great Bary B, It would have allowed me to get closer to a musical genre a bit distant from what I do every day. We are talking about chillout, lo-fi, ambient, genres that fascinates me a lot.
After sending me a demo, Gary immediately impressed me! Deep bass, kick and snare with a great feeling that give a very relaxing time to the song, add synths and that's it!
On Friday 26th his remix "Clouds" will be released.
Stay up to date my friends!
with love

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