Contemporary Classical Spotify Playlist

23 February 2020
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21 February 2020
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1 March 2020
Contemporary Classical Spotify Playlist

Contemporary Classical Piano on Spotify

Today I present my Contemporary Classical Spotify Playlist. It is a selection curated by me, there are composers that I discovered many years ago and others that have been part of my collection for a few months.
Big names like Nils Frahm, Ludovico Einaudi could not be missing, now also known to the public furthest from the contemporary classical genre. Artists who are very distant from each other as an approach to composition and the use of instruments. Both, however, have been able to give their mark significantly, Frahm more eclectic and versatile with a more electronic vocation, Einaudi has instead distinguished himself as the contemporary composer pianist with a more classic approach and more easily accessible by the general public.
Among the other pianists that I wanted to include in my Spotify playlist there are some certainly less known, but with great talent and genius: Fabrizio Paterlini and Dustin O’halloran represent an excellent bet for the future of contemporary classical music. Refinement of the sounds, composer with a minimalist and delicate approach, Paterlini has been appreciated by his audience for several years with numerous soldout concerts in different theaters on the European and world stage. We will certainly hear more and more about him in the future. O’halloran has already made himself known to the general public for his various appearances as composer of film music. Pianist with a very delicate touch, wise use of electronics, make him one of the best pianists to focus on for relaxed and intelligent listening.

Japanese pianists

Leaving Europe for a moment, I would like to remember the two Japanese composer pianists, Akira Kosemura and Daigo Hanada. Their solo piano album are full of very painful sounds and subtle melancholy without ever falling into the commercial. Very wise use of the upright piano with felt.
Other pianists that I love to listen to with great pleasure: Matthew Mayer, Shoshana Michel, Andrea Carri, Jesse Brown, Phinley, Bzur, Jonny Southard, Kristoffer Wallin, Olivia Belli, Ian Wong and many others.
It is wonderful to find out how many great talents are around the world, who dedicate a large part of their current life to composition, maybe with the enormous difficulties of daily life if they have to divide their time because of work. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to devote themselves entirely to music but must deal with the urgencies of everyday life, with a job that keeps them away from the instrument.

If you have any songs to suggest, to add to the playlist, then you can contact me using the contact page.

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