‘Earth’ featured in Editorial Playlist by Apple Music

2 October 2021
Earth song by Fabio di Biase
A song about ‘Earth’
28 September 2021
Fabio di Biase stories cover art
New single ‘Stories’ is out
14 January 2022
My latest single 'Earth', released a few days ago, was a song that required a series of efforts in its production, in choosing the right sound. Even the writing has been retouched several times, especially in part B. The compositions are sometimes simple, spontaneous and fast, sometimes they take a long time and sometimes there is only a small correction in one or two bars, and this in my opinion is the most difficult, because you are no longer immersed in the song in a spontaneous and direct way, but you are thinking about the music. And as the great composer Vangelis says, the more you think about music, the more you look for a logic in harmony and the more you lose the spontaneous and natural relationship, that direct line between you and the composition so magical and delicate that it shatters with human reasoning.
Today I woke up with this beautiful news from the world of Apple Music. 'Earth' has been added to an Apple Music editorial playlist, which is a source of great pride for me and repays me for all the effort and time spent in my home studio. Thank you Apple Music for adding 'Earth' to the "New in Classical" editorial playlist and thank you very much also Believe with whom I have signed a contract for worldwide exclusive distribution.
You can listen to my new single 'Earth' by clicking here.

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