‘Nuvole’ was added to Spotify Editorial Playlist

29 August 2020
piano solo album Stay
New album “STAY”
30 May 2020
‘Oceano’ added to Apple Music Editorial Playlist SLEEP CYCLE
3 December 2020
These are days full of joy for me and for my work as a composer and pianist. I had long dreamed of be featured on editorial playlist on Spotify and that day has arrived. Thanks to the Spotify editorial team for enjoying and supporting my music.
'Nuvole' was released on August 27th and has been added to 2 editorial playlists since that day, 'Atmospheric Piano' and 'Massima Concentrazione'

I am a very strict person in judging myself and I can hardly be proud of myself. Well, today I make an exception to the rule and I can allow myself a little bit of satisfaction and pride for what I have done. Thanks to Spotify and to all of you who listen to some of my music every day.
When I composed 'Nuvole' it was one of those days when you feel a little down. In those moments it often happens that I sit at the piano and play, I let myself go to new melodies and harmonies. All very spontaneously.
You can listen to my latest piano solo song here:

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