Piano Italiano – Stories featured on Qobuz Editorial Playlist

1 April 2022
Deezer playlist Atmospheric Classical
‘Stories’ has been featured on Editorial Deezer Playlist
15 January 2022
Sun Fabio di Biase
Latest release ‘Sun’ featured in Editorial Playlist by Apple Music
16 May 2022
Qobuz is a streaming and download service with very high audio quality, It feels like listening to music from a CD.
Qobuz celebrates "Piano Day", the world day dedicated to 88 keys, with an all-Italian playlist, Piano Italiano.
I am honored to have been included in this official playlist alongside great Italian artists such as Fabrizio Paterlini, Bruno Bavota and Danilo Rea just to name the most famous. And I thank my distributor Believe for the great support for my music.
Happy piano day everyone!
You can listen to my new single 'Stories' by clicking here.

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