Some soft and of a time past, blurred by the passing of time. But at the same maintains a certain brightness that only Italian composers have a knack for. Don’t be surprised if you start daydreaming while listening to this one.



This is the quintessential neoclassical track, with thoughtful and evocative piano lines. It feels like it could be played as the promising and hopeful tune before a wedding. There’s a feeling in the notation that feels, to borrow a term from another sense, a bit “fragrant” with the sweetness of flowers. It’s beautiful.



Fabio di Biase, an Italian composer and pianist, has released his latest composition Oceano. In this piece, he showcases a soft melancholic side to his music, which is further explored through beautiful dynamics and its filmic feel.



You can definitely hear a jazz influence in Di Biase’s playing as it moves through styles and movements. Normally you don’t tend to hear such an influence in Modern Classical as the musicians either are classically trained or come from an electronic background. For the most part of the piece it is a tranquil and gently played aquatic themed piece, but you will hear some sounds and blocks of playing that is pure jazz piano in the way they are almost percussive in nature...

Drifting, Almost Falling


The exquisite composition style of his music continues to impress and relax us. The articulation feels so warm and welcoming. I can imagine utilizing this to relax with a glass of wine in the evening after dinner. It’s a delightful modern classical piece with a few jazzy chord changes just to keep you listening closely.



There’s a lightness to this composition that I can’t quite put into words. I don’t often accept tracks with anything in the background in terms of ambient or atmospheric work, but this track is an exception. The light energy that it evokes is quite powerful to me. I feel an easing sense of calm come over me as I meditate on peaceful things. This is what the spirit of neoclassical music is all about to me.


parallax background

I listened to it from start to finish. I think his work is quite strong and I truly liked it and enjoyed listening to it. His overall style and tone is consistent and identifiable. Fabio has a specific voice and perspective. Really nice! There were a few passages that reminded me of the piano music of Nobuo Uematsu, the Final Fantasy series. The recording itself is very clean and clear.
He has a wonderful talent!

From: Tom Spruill (7notemode)