‘Stories’ has been featured on Editorial Deezer Playlist

15 January 2022
Fabio di Biase stories cover art
New single ‘Stories’ is out
14 January 2022
Qobuz playlist piano italiano
Piano Italiano – Stories featured on Qobuz Editorial Playlist
1 April 2022
'Stories' has been featured on Deezer Editorial Playlist 'Atmospheric Classical'.
I am very happy and I want to share all my joy with you.
This song made me work for several hours in my recording studio, I was never entirely happy with the final result and so I recorded it several times until in October 2021 I found the right sound and arrangement. Finding out that my latest release has been featured on an editorial playlist of deezer is a reason for satisfaction and rewards me for the efforts spent in recent months. Thank you Deezer and thanks to all of you who listen to my music.
You can listen to my new single 'Stories' by clicking here.

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